Subtalar Screw

Valgus pronated congenital essential child and adolescent hindfoot eventually combined medializing calcaneal osteotomy.

Linked to calcaneal osteotomy for medialization with important launch of the hindfoot adult instable pronated foot.

  • Cannulated conical endorthesis (7,8,9,10,11,12 mm) Titanium Ti6AI7Nb TIHARD surface treatment – Removal instrumentation for retrieval
  • The subtalar screw has been specially designed to correct and limit excessive flatfoot pronation in adults and children. Inserted and stabilized by its shape in the sinustarsi, it restores the calcaneus to its normal position in relation to the talus and forms an internal arch.
  • Sterile package
Subtalar Screw
Reference Dia ø mm Lenght mm
SS0713S 7 13
SS0814S 8 14
SS0915S 9 15
SS1016S 10 16
SS1117S 11 17
SS1218S 12 18