Our mission

BRM Extremities aims to combine needs of the surgical research and of the engineering, in an open and dynamic system of continuous technological innovation. Each project is developed according to this process and with this goal.
Our mission is to set up a complete catalogue for the extremities in Orthopaedics that can compete with the major international orthopaedic companies specialized in the extremities. For this reason the brand need a leader as Raffaello Barmettler: a well-known manager in Orthopaedic fields.
We want to provide the specialist surgeon with a range of modern and smart products at the best value for money, in order to meet the needs of both public and private hospitals. Products design is the result of the professional experience of the highly qualified international surgeons.

Our ideas

Idea is more than just a kick start: it's the purpose itself of our whole work


Products are designed according to the whole surgeon process and the required specifics.


Products are engineered and manufactured entirely in Italy, in accordance with strict quality control standards.


Products are packaged in a Clean Room to ensure an aseptic packaging. Each packaging process is validated.


BRM follow the entire surgical process up to the surgical application step.


All operative and postoperative feedbacks are collected, to ensure the complete end-customer's satisfaction.

We value your ideas.

Our claim goes deeply into our project. We plan to be close to the surgeons: our customers are important for us and we aim to satisfy their needs through our skills and our activities of:
- Research and development
- Fast producing samples and preseries
- Competence for achieving FDA approval and CE certification.
Moreover our ability to reach international markets, thanks to our US and Europe offices, allows us to ensure the commercial success of the product.

Production unit.

Our production unit has been established to ensure reliability and direct control on the entire production process. Our technology is based upon the most advanced CNC machines and CAD/CAM software technology.
Brm Extremities is certified by ISO 13485:2012 and ISO 9001:2008

ISO 13485-2016

ISO 9001-2015

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